Three weeks before

Book move date with Avocado.
List all items to be moved.
List which needs particular care.
Agree moving plan with Avocado.
Confirm childcare arrangements for moving day.
Plan for taking care of pets on moving day.
Clear out unwanted belongings.
Start using up food from the freezer.

Two weeks before

Contact service providers to arrange final accounts.
Contact service providers to connection at your new home.
Arrange telecoms/digital/cable TV provider.
Arrange transfer/change the phone number to new home.
Electricity supplier.
Gas/Oil supplier.
Water rates.
Local council taxes.
Notify change of address.
Doctor – de-register if you are moving to a new area.
Research alternative doctor for your new address.
Notify new doctor If undergoing hospital treatment.
Schools, advise of new school addresses so that education records can be passed on quickly.
Amend insurance cover on buildings, household contents, motor, life etc.
National insurance.
Child benefit.
Motor vehicle registration.
Driving licence (DVLA).
Credit card/store card or credit card protection companies.
Notify all hire purchase/lease/standing orders or loans companies.
TV licence.
Pension company.
Redirect mail through the post office.
Send new address to friends, relatives, clubs and organisations.
Organise the disconnection and reconnection of domestic appliances: washing machine, cooker, dishwasher.
Draw up a room plan for new home.
Get advice on suitability of moving aerials/satellite dishes to new home.

Two days before.

Defrost the fridge and freezer.
Cancel any regular deliveries milk, newspapers

The day before.

Check drawers and trunks/chests for any fragile items.
Place any liquids, oils and paints to be moved in sealed containers.
Put any inflammable liquids and drain fuel from petrol mower, paraffin fire to one side.
Take down curtains and blinds.
Pack house plants in containers
Put aside the ‘do not remove’ essentials: coats, handbags, snacks, cleaning materials.
Pack small valuables separately and leave with essentials pile e.g., jewellery, watches, money, bonds, coins, stamps etc.

The big day.

Confirm service meter readings and keep a spare copy of readings.
Switch off power and water supplies (if necessary)
Lock all windows and doors.
Drop keys off with estate agent.
Exchange contact numbers and agree meeting time with removals team.

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