4 simple steps                                                                                                         to                                                                                                        selling your                                                                                              spanish home 

Sell your Spanish property stress-free, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PROCESS!

Step 1: Choose Avocado for your FREE property consultation:

Our initial conversation will set out the terms for your property sale, selling price, understanding costs of your sale and what you will be left with after all selling costs are taken into consideration. Avocado will market your property in several ways, always remembering that the most important part of the sale is always keeping you informed. Our fully automated system will have real time information on viewings, offers and market conditions, we also have some extra special ways to get your property out there where our proven statistics will show that property sells 50% faster using our methods.

Step 2: Viewings and reservations

Once we have all your property details and features first-hand, Avocado will accompany every potential buyer giving them the benefits of your homes features and how your property fits the potential buyer’s needs. When we have an offer, we will provide a document on your behalf sealing the agreement and removing the property from sale.

Step 3: Due diligence and commitment to the buyer

Before we can sell your property there are certain questions and due diligence that must be done on behalf of the purchasers, we need to make absolutely sure that the property has no charges, liens or other debts the Lawyers will take on this task checking such things like, Title deeds, Outstanding Utility Bills, First Occupation Licence and The Outstanding Mortgage to name a few. After all due diligence has been done there will be a private contract signed with the buyer on your behalf and a date for completion agreed.

Step 4: Completion process

At this point it would be advisable to grant power of attorney to the lawyers as this can save a lot of work on your behalf. As part of the selling completion process, the lawyers will cancel the outstanding mortgage, obtain a fiscal certificate, satisfy any utility bills outstanding, or agree a deal with the buyer to pay any outstanding bills and take over the service. Arrange the signing of the title deeds at the notary and once completed the property will belong to the buyer, cancelling any direct debits related to the property from your account at this point would be a good idea.

If you would like to sell your Spanish property contact us today on +34 711 083 934 or email us for your FREE consultation on info@avocado-homes.com

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