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Notes for your consideration:

For non-residents of Spain selling their property, you will need to take into consideration the 19% Government Tax better known to most as Capital Gains, this 19% is based on any profits between the purchase price of the property and the sale price of the property. This tax is paid in the following way:

By law the buyer will hold back 3% of the sale price which is paid to the authorities this is obligatory and is stated in the title deeds.
If the 3% paid to the authorities by the buyer is less than the 19% government tax then you the seller would be required to pay the balance of any difference to the authorities, (your Lawyer will handle all of this process on your behalf) however if the 3% amount should equate to more than the 19% then a claim can be made for a refund of the difference.

There is also a local tax called (Plusvalia) in order to calculate the local tax you would need the original purchase date, the date of sale to the new owner and the castral reference as shown on the Basura receipts.

See Below for an estimated summary of charges for selling property in Spain

Base this on Lawyers costs and all other selling costs
Lawyer costs usually 1% plus IVA 21% min of 1200 euros
Capital Gains 19%
Agents Commission 5% plus IVA

There are some obligations on the seller’s part to fulfil the contract terms, should they fail to honour the contract you can claim for damages. On the day of completion, your lawyer will attend the notary making the final payment and signing the title deeds on your behalf, your lawyer will also arrange the utilities to be transferred. Congratulations you are now a property owner in Spain.

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