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Avocado harnesses the power of our integrated cutting-edge AI technology and an expansive MLS (Multi Listing System), allowing us to seamlessly access every property along the coastal region. With this comprehensive resource at our fingertips there’s simply no need to explore alternative options.


We have access to every available property for sale on the Costa del Sol through our MLS system, however not all are published on our website.
Tell us what you are looking for and we will work extremely hard to find the right property for you.
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Legalities When Purchasing a Property in the Costa Del Sol


We Prioritise Detail

Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we’ve observed that some agents tend to overlook critical details, often becoming fixated solely on budget considerations. Neglecting these vital aspects can lead to a mismatch between the properties presented and your desires. Our approach, on the other hand, places a premium on comprehensively understanding your preferences. Rest assured; we won’t squander your time by showcasing properties that don’t align with your expectations.


Our Property Search Method

Once we’ve have a thorough grasp of your specific requirements, we’ll provide you with a curated selection of properties for initial feedback. After receiving your input, we will proceed to assemble a tailored portfolio of properties for your consideration during your visit to the Costa del Sol.


MLS Delve

If we don’t have a suitable property listed ourselves or with one of our preferred agents, we’ll initiate an in-depth exploration of the MLS system {multi listing system} as well as tapping into our extensive network of all collaborating agents and developers. Our search will ultimately end with us finding the right property that suits your requirements and budget.


Property Portfolio

Once we’ve identified a property or a carefully curated set of properties that match your specified criteria, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive portfolio ready for your visit. This detailed package will encompass all the vital information pertaining to the properties in question.


Property Viewings

Our property viewings can be arranged in two convenient ways: in-person visits or a live video call. We’ll diligently coordinate all viewings at a mutually agreeable time. It’s advisable to allocate sufficient time to ensure a thorough and unhurried experience, preventing the oversight of any crucial details. Given the significance of this decision, our aim is to leave no stone unturned.


Negotiations and Completion

We take charge of all property negotiations on your behalf. Once both parties reach a mutual agreement on the sales price and the necessary deposit is submitted, your legal representatives will meticulously review the documentation. Following this, they will arrange a notary appointment to initiate and oversee the completion process.

Frequently Asked Questions from Buyers

This information will be available for you either before or at the time of your viewing, of course it is good to have the information particularly if you are considering a purchase as it helps with negotiations.

The flexibility of the price can often vary depending on the seller and the property’s location. However, this is where our expertise comes into play. We’re here to provide guidance and advice on all aspects of negotiation, ensuring you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Costs vary from property to property, but all this information should be at hand prior to your viewings.

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