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At Avocado, we enlist the expertise of elite photographers, Drone experts and content writers. We also utilize state-of-the-art marketing tools to ensure the production of high-quality content for each property.


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Marketing Resources We Provided for Our Sellers?

Property Imagery

Great property imagery is crucial for selling a home. High-quality photos showcase a property’s best features, attract potential buyers, and create a positive first impression, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Exceptional Videos

The creation of a top-notch property video is essential In today’s market, numerous buyers have reframed their perspective on purchasing after viewing a great video presentation.

360-Degree Virtual Tours

Virtual tours serve as an invaluable tool to showcase real estate properties in a highly realistic manner, Sellers can benefit from numerous advantages instantly capturing the attention of potential buyers.

Significance of Floor Plans

Floor plans serve as a crucial method for providing prospective buyers with comprehensive information about your property before their visit. Additionally, they contribute to improved property rankings in advertisment listings.

Dedicated Property Website

As part of our services, we offer a dedicated micro-site exclusively for your property. This micro-site can be easily shared with potential clients to pique their interest. It will be meticulously designed with SEO optimization, making it an excellent tool for effective Google advertising.

Targeted Audience

To achieve maximum impact, it’s all about reaching the right audience; Our approach involves precisely targeting where we advertise your property after all, there’s no sense in showcasing a mini in a Lamborghini showroom.

Our Approach to Selling Properties

In the competitive landscape of property sales, it’s essential to acknowledge the multitude of real estate agents vying for attention. In this diverse market, Avocado stands as a trusted and prominent name, particularly in the Marbella region.

Over the years, we’ve tirelessly evolved and fine-tuned our marketing techniques. While we remain dedicated to innovative approaches, our strategies consistently strike a chord with property sellers.

One key aspect of our marketing expertise is our ability to swiftly prepare and showcase properties online. This ensures minimal delays in granting your property the visibility it truly deserves.


In today’s competitive real estate market, great property imagery is an indispensable asset. Our adept real estate photographer excels in capturing the essence of homes through both interior and exterior shots. Their skills extend beyond mere snapshots; they process the images meticulously, ensuring uniformity and aesthetic appeal. We take pride in our team of top professionals who can skilfully present your property in high-definition print quality images. To further elevate your listing, we offer the option of drone photography, providing unique aerial perspectives, and night-time shots that showcase your property’s allure even after the sun sets. These additional elements not only captivate potential buyers but also set your listing apart in a crowded market, increasing the likelihood of a swift and successful sale.

Video Expertise

With our array of video services, we offer the expertise of a licensed drone pilot capable of capturing stunning footage of both the interiors and exteriors of your property, showcasing its natural beauty. It’s important to highlight that property listings enhanced with videos tend to attract higher online viewership and often result in quicker sales. Hence, we highly recommend considering video presentation when listing your property.

Social Media: A Powerful Tool for Real Estate Sales Promotion

Social media platforms have Vast Audience Reach, billions of active users worldwide provide a vast audience to showcase listings. This global reach allows us to target potential buyers locally, nationally and internationally.

Real estate is a visually driven industry, and social media excels in conveying the visual appeal of properties through photos and videos. High-quality visuals can evoke emotional responses and make properties more memorable to potential buyers.

Property Layouts

The appeal of floor plans is on the rise among buyers, as they present the opportunity to grasp a property’s layout and dimensions, whether it’s before or after an in-person visit.

These plans offer prospective buyers’ valuable insights into furniture placement, enabling them to assess whether the property can comfortably accommodate their belongings and allowing them to envision how they can reconfigure the space to match their unique style.

360-Degree Videos

Considering the rapid advancements in digital technology and the emergence of immersive virtual realities like Matterport, the real estate industry is wholeheartedly embracing the era of digital transformation. This transformation caters to both a growing demand from buyers for more digital content and agents adeptly adapting to these evolving preferences.

What’s truly remarkable is that some of our clients have been so captivated by these virtual tours, especially when complemented by videos and floor plans, that they’ve felt confident in making purchase decisions based solely on this immersive and informative digital experience.

Open House Events

Hosting an Open House event is a highly effective way to swiftly generate visibility for your property. During these events, we provide refreshments and typically allocate a three-hour duration. Depending on the unique attributes of your property, such as its location and scenic views, we can schedule Open Houses for the morning, lunchtime, or evening to cater to different preferences.

These events are closely managed by our team, and attendance is strictly by prior RSVP, ensuring precise tracking of attendees. Our Open Houses attract both prospective buyers and collaborating agencies.

Existing Data

We also have specialized databases comprising both clientele and real estate partners which serve as invaluable resources in our property promotion efforts. These databases empower us to showcase properties to a broad audience complementing our robust internet marketing strategies. To ensure maximum reach to a discerning audience, Avocado holds elite membership status on many premier platforms used to promote executive properties.

Furthermore, properties receive extensive exposure through our own website Avocado Homes, which benefits from substantial traffic from individuals actively seeking exclusive real estate opportunities.

Our Sellers Guide

Common Asked Questions

The current dynamics of the property market in Marbella are anything but uncertain, the time it takes to sell a property can fluctuate however properties move fast on the coast and always seem to be rising in price.

Giving exclusivity to one agent to sell your property can offer several advantages:

Dedicated Focus: When you work exclusively with one agent, they can concentrate all their efforts, resources, and marketing strategies on your property. This level of dedication can result in a more focused and personalised approach to selling your home. Exclusive representation simplifies communication between you and your agent. You have a single point of contact for updates, inquiries, and negotiations, making the process more efficient and reducing the potential for miscommunication.

One agent will commit more resources and time to marketing your property effectively. This may include creating high-quality professional photography, virtual tours, and targeted advertising campaigns to reach the right audience. While there are advantages to working exclusively with one agent, it’s essential to choose an experienced and reputable agent who aligns with your goals and has a track record of success in your local market.

You won’t encounter any charges when listing your property with us. Our commitment is to provide the highest calibre of tailor-made content to yield exceptional results for our clients. This level of service distinguishes us from most other agents. We willingly shoulder the marketing expenses associated with your property when we accept the listing. However, we exercise discretion in accepting property listings, prioritising those that are realistically priced and hold strong potential for sale through our agency. For an exclusive sales mandate for a minimum of 6 months a personalised property website can be provided to assist in finding a suitable buyer all part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

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