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If you are a talented, motivated and ambitious salesperson with a passion for real estate, now is your chance to become part of the Avocado Homes success story.

As an associate of Avocado Homes you will have the opportunity to work within your own real estate business under the support of Avocado and take advantage of our advertising, brand, know how, contacts, systems and the highest level of services the Costa del Sol has to offer its clients.

 Take advantage of our digital system platform, unique brand and extensive advertising network which will maximise your real estate career and of course you will be able to look forward to attractive earning opportunities.

Our associates are driven in the acquisition and sale of high-quality properties, whilst always keeping in mind the interests of our valued clients.

To join Avocado Homes as an associate you would need to have the following skills:

• Sales experience, preferably in the real estate sectors, or sales experience of 2 years not related to real estate.

• Car

• Laptop

• Telephone

• Commitment to work 35 to 40 hours a week

• Know your way around a computer and basic programmes like MS-Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

• Demonstrate the best interpersonal skills

• A strong sense of team spirit

• Professional appearance, •

• Good conduct,

• Honesty

• Trust.


As an associate of Avocado Homes, you would be responsible for the following:

• Listing your own properties for sale and rental.

• Supporting clients to help find them their second home, rental accommodation Relocation requirements and all other services related to buying or selling a property in Spain.

• Always Following the brand guidelines.

Start your Avocado Journey here

    What we will offer you

    An independent, flexible and varied opportunity to own your own real estate business assisted by our, know how, support, advertising and systems.

    We will provide everything we can to help make your new business a success, including area and sales training.

    Get in touch today and find out more about our available locations and how to start your real estate journey

    Avocado Homes offer our clients an unrivalled service, from first contact to moving into your new home in the sun, we will be with you on your journey all the way. Our aim is to exceed all expectations delivering excellent service, up to date real time property listings, and a customer experience that is unrivalled in the real estate industry.

    Avocado has access to the best lawyers, most competitive mortgage solutions and the best money exchange rates available.

    Put your trust in us to deliver an informative, caring, no hidden cost solution that will help to make your purchase in the sun stress free, easy and enjoyable.