La Bajadilla Marbella Fire

A fire has broken out at a fishermen’s marina in Marbella, destroying as many as 80 boats. The fire, which started late this afternoon at the marina, is now under control with the Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz at the scene. Reports say that approximately 80 boats worth millions of Euros were destroyed. (unconfirmed).

The Mayor said: “Although the fire has been very virulent, especially the presence of materials such as plastic or fuel, thanks to the quick action of firefighters you have been able to perimeter and isolate within the facility.”

****One Fireman was treated at the scene, thankfully he is ok.****

It is still unknown how the incident started but by 9pm local time (8pm GMT), the fire was considered to be safely within the perimeter, largely due to wind carrying the smoke towards the sea.

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